Pulp! Fantasy

Gamer AssemblyPulp! Fantasy is the first line of products using the Pulp! RPG core rules engine. The core rules are exceptionally flexible and we’ll easily cover most genres. When showing it off to the world, we decided to use the most familiar for tabletop gamers.

Pulp! Fantasy uses the Gamer Assembly‘s Shattered Seas Setting. It’s the same setting  Troll in the Corner’s ‘Monsters of a Shattered World’ podcast is based on. It embraces a number of traditional elements of a fantasy world such as featuring magic, dwarves and dragons, so it should be easy for you to get your feet wet and start having fun.



Estia The Isle of Giants: Estia is a wild land filled with undiscovered creatures and hidden dangers. The given goal of this adventure is a simple one: acquire an artifact of the Old Ones for study. Players control powerful heroes from the very beginning, but death always lurks only a few bad rolls away. The players have the freedom to pursue their goals in any style they see fit: aggressive combat, silver-tongued diplomacy, or elaborate scheming.

20 Pages

Available as Pay What You Want from DriveThruPRG.

Get the Magazine style Print version for $8.00 from MagCloud.

Download the eBook for $4.99 from Smashwords.

Get the Estia Card Deck for $10.00 from DriveThruCards.


ScentiaCoverScentia Besieged From Within and Without! 

Scentia’s strength has been sundered, it’s trade slowly choked off, as old foes from the island’s own marshes rise to overrun half of Scentia in brutal savagery. The surviving residents suffer under the threat of continued attacks and the strain of limited resources. As the proverbial wolves close in, a call for help goes out across the Confederacy. Shall you answer?

20 Pages

Available as Pay What You Want from DriveThruPRG.


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Beer Star Games at PAXEast

JacqueDuMontWelcome friends!

It’s that time of year again. Beer Star Games is about to storm PAXEast. Come see us, say hi, and play a game or two. The best way to find us in person is to tweet our head of everything @BrianLiberge.

We’ll have copies of Pulp! and B.E.A.R.D.! for purchase at the Modern Myths booth.

If you want to play a game of Ace Adventure Brian Liberge has two sessions open at Games On Demand. Both are on Friday the 10th.

Slot 1 is from 1 to 4 PM.

Slot 2 is from 8 to 11 PM.

He’ll also have the awesome, not Beer Star Games, game Monsterhearts available for those slots. I know it’s a heartbreaking thing to make you choose between deco-punk pilots and monster teenagers but thems the breaks.

On Saturday you can catch Brian with the awesome folks of the Gamer Assembly and talented guest star Meg McGinley (Games by Playdate) in the fifth annual TABLETOP SYSTEM WARS. Bring any game idea you want, the crazier the better and watch our expert panel argue about which game system is right for you.

Finally, on Sunday we take a more serious tone. Brian will be moderating Inner Demons: Anxiety and Depression in Gamers. A tough but always welcome panel. We invite you to come by and know that you are not alone. Joining him this year is Ashley Barry, Kaitlyn Chantry and Tanya DePass.

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