Pulp! Cards

Pulp! Cards make it even easier for you to play Pulp! Each deck contains high quality, dry erasable playing cards containing content specific to a related adventure.

Our first deck is for Estia the Isle of Giants. It contains a card for each pre-generated Player Character, all the monsters in the bestiary, as well as locations, hazards and items you may encounter around the island.


Here’s Kendra, one of the Player Characters. All the cards follow a common layout.

  • In the top left an icon lets you identify the card type quickly: PC, NPC, Item, Hazard and Location.
  • The left hand area is for short hand information and things you need to track. For the PC you see the five abilities.
  • The box on the right features card art.
  • The box below contains other statistics or helpful suggestions. On the PCs you see their Traits and Assets. On a Location you’ll see Distinctions, Assets and Complications.

There’s also a few blanks in each pack so you can create your own cards and give the GM a little more to track extra monsters and conditions.

The cards not only cut down on paper, but it helps you randomize encounters. Just shuffle and draw from the top till it makes your smile with glee.

You can get the Estia Deck from DriveThruCards for $10.

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