1BeardBackBEARD is our brand new card game! Designed for 2-6 players its a ridiculous romp through reality as you compete with your friends to grow the first truly epic beard!

Price: $20 with clear plastic case!

Includes: 106 Cards (70 Save or Shave, 30 BEARD Cards, 2 Blanks & 4 Rules Cards)

2-6 Players in 10-30 Mins

Designers: D.J.IC. Curran & Brian Liberge

Available Print on Demand from DriveThruCards! Due to a technica error it may be labelled as adult only.


“BEARD! is a nice, light and silly game! Unfortunately, playing it has left me lamenting my lack of facial hair.” -Aerjen Tamminga, Boston Festival of Indie Co-Producer and Games Curator, Game Designer,

“Despite being an awesome, easy to learn party game, BEARD! is a down-right hilarious experience.” – Eloy Lasanta, Game Desinger,

“There are two great things in this world: beards and games. When the two are combined, something magical happens.” – Simeon Cortezano, Reporter,

How To Play

Gameplay is simple.

1. The player with the largest beard chooses who goes first.

2. The first player draws a Save Or Shave card (SOS Card), reads it out loud, and does what it says. Hopefully, it tells you to draw Beard! Cards, but it might tell you to lose Beard! Cards, Steal the Cards of others, roll a six sided die, or choose between multiple options.

3. Play continues clockwise.

4. Each Beard! Card has one letter: B, E, A, R, or D. The first person to have one of each Beard! Card, wins the game.

Print and Play

Check out a couple of sample Shave or Shave cards below or you can read the full text and even print the game at home. This is the final text but only a simple word document. It does not represent the final layout.

The Save or Shave Card plus Rules.

The Beard! Cards.


The Deck in it's box.

The Deck in it’s box.

Some Typical Cards

Some Typical Cards


5 thoughts on “BEARD!

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  2. At the Boston Festival of Indie Games Mr. Daniel Curran, creator and co-designer of BEARD!, was lucky enough to be interviewed about the game by the fine gentlemen at – so make sure to take a listen!

    Mr. Marc Arbesman of was also interviewed about their game: Denied the Stars – so make sure to give that a look!

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  4. just picked up a pre order, sorry it did not fund. I am still trying to figure out the kickstarter magic. I have a game coming out later this month called Bigfootses, and i have been closely following about 10 card games trying to see what makes some fund and others not. Let me know if you ever do another game, cant wait to play Beard.

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