Ace Adventure is Coming Soon

The hiatus is over.

Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush is a fast-paced game mixing the themes of Pulp and Punk. It’s a world filled with possibilities. Buildings are taller, cars are faster and the stars shine brighter. It’s a world where anything seems possible for everyone, from your average citizen to the dregs of society. It’s a world where the idea of nuclear power drives the machinations of mad scientists, mutates giant monsters and blinds the fearful. It’s a world that needs heroes.

Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush represent the greatness of this world. Players control heroes who are compelled to act, who care about the future and are far from perfect. Failure is spectacular and never slows them down. Instead, they ride failure’s explosive momentum into a pantheon of mad possibilities.

It’s time to fly high, think fast, and make poor choices for high ideals. It’s time to change the world with Ace Adventure.

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