Space High School Apocalypse Public Beta



It’s my (Creative Director and Owner Brian Liberge) birthday! Well technically my birthday has been delayed until GenCon 2014 but we’re celebrating anyway!

Would you like a free game? Great! Have Space High School Apocalypse!

We’ve just released the Beta rules on DriveThruCards! To be awesome please do the following:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Download the rules.
  3. Grad 1-2 decks of playing cards and some friends,
  4. Play the game.
  5. Send us feedback.

You are now awesome!

Full Concept: You live in the nearly fully automated satellite facility Space High School. Here there are no adults, and the super computer AI known as The Hall Monitor keeps things running day to day. Even in the future, your social ­­­standing is the most important thing in high school. Everyone is plugged into SpaceBook, the future’s preferred social network. SpaceBook taps into The Hall Monitor’s statistics and security feeds to keep a live public score of every student’s social status.

Recently you’ve stopped getting news from the adults on the p­lanet below, and The Hall Monitor is beginning to make mistakes. You may die up here, but if that happens you’re going to make sure you rule the school first.

Mechanics: The game breaks down your spheres of influence into 4 areas, each represented by a suit. Through the game you draw new cards, try to increase your ranks, and attack the ranks of others. It’s all about being the coolest before the world ends!

Why DriveThroughCards? I know it would have been easier to just put a download link here but DriveThroughCards lets me track download numbers, and push out new versions of the game via email.

I hope you have fun!


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