Get the Preview PDF of The Lost Ships of Smargaid!

SmargaidCoverThanks to the generous efforts of Kickstarter backers we are now past 2/3rds of the way to our goal on BEARD! with 31 hours to go. We’ve just sent out the Preview PDF of future Pulp! Adventure: The Lost Ships of Smargaid!

You can get it right now by backing BEARD! The Card Game on Kickstarter.

This Pulp! adventure was written by BEARDS!’s co-designer Daniel Curran. Heroes will investigate the isles of Smargaid and Rubin, discover the missing shipments of jewels, and journey below to battle what lurks beneath. Just like Estia and Scentia, it contains background information, hooks, an adventure and a bonus bestiary.

If you’re not familiar with the Pulp! System you can pick up the core rules for Pay What You Want from DriveTHruRPG.

With less than a day and half left we wanted to remind you exactly what your getting for your money. BEARD! is the very first card game from Beer Star Games. It plays 2-6 players, in about 10 to 30 minutes. Its a very silly fun time!

It’s been written, playtested and edited. This game is being released wether the Kickstarter is succesful or not. However, the Kickstarter allows us to print the game in a store quality custom tuck box, and brings the magnficent Daniel Solis to do the final layout.

Please spread the word about this exciting project if you’d like to see BEARD! as a very pretty final version. We need less than $1200 to make our goal. That’s just 1 Santa and 1 Time Traveler (What? A guy can dream can’t he?)

Brian A Liberge

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