Fly into Fate Accelerated and New Pulp! Action with BEARD!

As we hit certain key funding marks, on BEARD! the Card Game, we’ll be releasing preview content from our other lines, directly to backers! Now’s your chance to get a taste of two new Pulp! Fantasy Adventures, and Ace Adventure for Fate Accelerated!

Back BEARD! now!:

At $1200: Scentia, Besieged Within and Without –  Our next Pulp! Fantasy supplement, by Seamus Conneely. Save Towertown from the militaristic marsh hoppers, and the secret their phalanxes hide. This document is already in a light layout and waiting on art. You also get the full PDF at funding, two weeks before it goes public.

At $2400: The Lost Ships of Smargaid – The following Pulp! Fantasy Supplement, by BEARDS!’s co-designer Daniel Curran. Investigate the isles of Smargaid and Rubin, discover where the jewelers caravans have gone, and journey below to battle what lurks beneath. This project has just finished editing.

At $3600: Ace Adventure and the Turtle of Providence – Ace Adventure takes 1920s Pulp style fighter pilots, fighting giant monsters in an alternate, decopunk, America. It’s going to be our next big setting after Pulp! Fantasy. I wrote this adventure for GenCon 2013, and it was a huge success.The Turtle of Providence is a Fate Accelerated adventure taking our heroes to the harbor of Providence, but how does the infamous P.T. Barnum factor in?

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