BEARD! the Card Game has launched on Kickstarter! Now’s your time to head over and buy the game that has people talking, and laughing, and growing the facial hair of the gods!

BEARD! is a casual, silly, Beer & Pretzel style game for 2-6 players. This card game takes you on a  a ridiculous romp through reality as you compete with your friends to grow the first truly epic beard! Will you become a Lumberjack, face down Ninja! or find True Love? All is possible when trying to grow the greatest of all beards!


All it takes is $1 to get access to a word document, with the full text of the cards. $20 gets you all 104 cards, fully printed, with shipping to the United States.

Other rewards include dice, t-shirts and the chance to design your own card in a future expansion!

How To Play

Gameplay is simple.

1. The player with the largest beard chooses who goes first.

2. The first player draws a Save Or Shave card (SOS Card), reads it out loud, and does what it says. Hopefully, it tells you to draw Beard! Cards, but it might tell you to lose Beard! Cards, Steal the Cards of others, roll a six sided die, or choose between multiple options.

3. Play continues clockwise.

4. Each Beard! Card has one letter: B, E, A, R, or D. The first person to have one of each Beard! Card, wins the game.

The Game is Nearly Complete!

The game has been written and playtested. Its been dragged to bars, parties and even GenCon. It premiered publicly at the Boston Festival of Indie Games just this past September, and we have been listening and revising the whole time.

Wesley K Hall has completed the art. (

It has been edited by John Adamus (

Daniel Solis has agreed to do layout. (

Now we need your help, to make the finished product a reality!

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