Boston Festival of Indie Games and Free Games



Click the King to be Judged!

The Boston Festival of Indie Games is Saturday, September 14th from 10 Am to 7 PM! Beer Star Games will be on hand with two tables, running Pulp! and Beard all day! It’s free t
o the public so please come by and play some games.

We’ll also have some cool merchandise! Win a custom Beer Star Games six sided die by playing Beard!

We’ve teamed up with the Random Assault Podcast to bring you special promo cards featuring the strange machinations of the hosts. Go re-listen to my stunning interview on their Podcast. It’s Not Safe For Work or Decent People. Check out the custom banner add while your there and you’ll get an idea what the promo cards contain. They’re free, just come find me and tell me you want some!

We have plenty of already folded pocketmods of the Pulp! Core Rules. They’re just 2 bucks, and come with a Beer Star Games die and a temporary tattoo! No really, we have temporary tattoos!

We will also have a limited number of Estia Adventure Books and Card Decks. Why pay shipping when we’ll do it for you?!?!

But if you read this long then you want free games right? Head on over to our DriveThruRPG page. All our digital downloads are now Pay What You Want! Pay 0 Dollars! Pay 5! Pay all your money! It’s Pay What You Want!

No new products yet but I have the latest Pulp! Adventure back from the editor and it’s in layout!

We’ve also added some teaser cards to the Beard page! Kickstarter is currently on schedule for October!

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