Ace Adventure’s in Speed Dating! A GenCon 2013 Event

Detective Shoot by Jeff Harris

Ace Adventures in Speed Dating is a light hearted LARP where players take on characters pulled from the pages of a Pulp! magazine. It’s a 1920s comic book, and the possibilities are endless.

Game ID: LRP1350815

Thursday 4 PM to 5:30 PM in the Hyatt: Regency A & B

Maximum Players: 20

Charge: $2 per Ticket, to pay for tiny clipboards and things.

Ace Adventures in Speed Dating is a light hearted Live Action Role Playing Game where players take on characters pulled straight out of the pages of a Pulp! magazine. It’s the 1920s with a comic book spin, and the possibilities are endless. Meet Ace Pilots, Nosy Reporters, Time Travelers and Mad Scientists all looking for love in a hurry.  All the characters are only partially developed. They have backgrounds, nationalities (but not appearance traits), practical goals and emotional desires. The primary mechanic is roleplaying, with each person developing their character by having actual conversations.

Speed Dating Comment Cards will be giving out so by the end you can see which characters hit it off and which ones are out of luck.

Character sheets are brief, inspired heavily by the games Fate and Hillfolk. This allows players to fill in the gaps, making the characters their own and discovering their past exploits while they have conversations and look for love.

AN IMPORTANT LESS FUN NOTE: The theme of speed dating allows for many short scenes with several different characters. It is designed to be a safe, role playing environment and is not designed for romantic physical contact or to produce actual real life dates. Each player will given a special Shift card to indicate if they every personally become uncomfortable and I will be on hand observing, not playing, just in case.

You can sign up on the GenCon Website. Comment below with questions or email us at

Finally, here are a couple of example characters.

Name: Ace Adventure*

Ace forged his papers to get into the service in World War I. He still didn’t get a chance to fly, being listed by higher ups as brash, scrawny and having a penchant to reinterpret orders. During a surprise raid on an allied air force base toward the end of the war he jumped into a plane, took off, and by some miracle managed to survive and take down numerous enemies. Newspapers sent word back home and he became a sensation, soon getting the training he needed as part of an American Propaganda effort. He returned home to Boston after he was released from occupation duties. Working as a test pilot for his friend Professor Rosalind King, he retains his fame as an adventurer

Tagline: “Death Has to Catch Me First”

Aspects: Bold Leader of the Flying Royal Flush, Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Child Celebrity, “I’ve Got Plenty of Time”, Fighter or Lover?

Practical Goal: Looking for a One Night Stand

Emotional Desire: Needs to Be Adored

Hometown: Boston, MA, USA

Existing Relationships:

Jacque LaMont (Friend, Confidant You Don’t Quite Trust, Soldiers Together)

Ten (Aid to Rosaline, Seems Strange)

Professor Rosalind King (CoWorker, Trusted Ally)

Bea Adventure (Kid Sister, Nagger)

Jackie O’Malley (Annoying Fan Girl)

Natasha (Former One Night Stand)

Power Cards: Shift, You’ve Heard of Me

You’ve Heard of Me: Tales of your antics have been making headlines for nearly years. Interrupt the action, and pass this card to your date.  Your date must make up the story of an adventure you were in that made them admire your skill or lifestyle.\

Name: Princess “Natasha” Eugenie M.Shakhovskaya

Cousin to the Czar, Eugenie first learned to fly on a Wright original and served as a reconnaissance pilot in WW1. She gained a reputation as a woman of loose morals, having reported love affairs with multiple officers. After the war she was accused of being a spy and sentenced to execution. The Czar changed the order to life in a convent where she was secretly recruited as an intelligence agent for the international organization ODIN. Her primary cover is the fun loving high society girl Natasha, daughter of a self-exiled Russian Industrialist living in Canada.

Tagline: Secret Agent for ODIN

Aspects: Amphetamine Addict (Performance and Cognitive Enhancer),  I Know How to Use Information, Guilt of the Convent, Deadly Smile, Wants of My Cover vs My Personal Needs

Practical Goal: To Gather As Much Tactical Information As Possible

Emotional Desire: To Forget Who I Am

Hometown: Kiev, Russia

Existing Relationships:

Ace Adventure (Foolish Test Pilot, We Had Sex Once)

Jacque LaMont (Former Allied Intelligence, A Constant Tease, Suspected Homosexual)

Nichola Tesla (Reclusive Genius, High Priority Target)

Al Capone (ODIN Agents within his organization)

Professor Rosalind King (Potential Recruit)

Bea Adventure (Social Adversary, Smarter than She Looks)

Power Cards: Shift, Who Me?

Who Me?: You make it easy to believe you are harmless. Pass this card to your current date, and come up with a ridiculous explanation as to why they cannot possibly believe a fact about you. They believe your ridiculous explanation.

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