Announcements: GenCon and more!

Hello Alcoholics!

We should probably find a better name for fans of Beer Star Games. . . Stout Troopers?

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that there is more coming from   Beer Star Games. Three new Pulp! Fantasy adventures are in the pipeline and they’re starting look really phenomenal.

More Romeo and Juliet is coming soon on If you missed Part 2 here it is:

I’ll also be at GenCon 2013! I originally was going to run Pulp! with Games on Demand but will any of our fans be there? I’d love to schedule some special, not in the system, Pulp! games. I’ll have preview material with me, including the next setting:

Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush! It’s 1920s DecoPunk ex-WWI Flying Aces meets giants robots sort of thing. I think you’ll like it.

Comment Below if your interested.

One more reminder while we’re at it. I’m still looking for more freelancers. Please check out our Jobs Page for more info:

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