Pulp! Charity Drive Extended – Building the Game

I was honored to be on Building the Game this week with Rob and Jason. Since they’re show drops just one day before the Red Cross fundraiser was going to end, we’re going to be extending it through this Friday the 28th.

So go buy Pulp! for good!

Games for Good – Plus Estia for eReaders

As some of you may know I’m located in Boston. I was nearby when explosions cut the Boston Marathon short yesterday. We were told to evacuate and that’s what we did. Investigations continue, and I’ve been told that the Red Cross received enough Blood Donations to meet all demand. Still I feel a strong desire to contribute to the common good during this time.

So all profits from the sale of Pulp! the RPG, made from today Tuesday April 16th through Tuesday April 23rd will be donated to the Red Cross.

You can get Pulp! Fantasy: Estia the Isle of Giants in PDF for $5 from DriveThruRPG.

You can get the Estia Card Deck for $10 from the same link!

You can get Estia in Print for $7 from MagCloud.

And introducing Estia for your eReader from Smashwords! For $4.99 you can get Estia the Isle of Giants in .Mobi, Epub, RTF, LFR, and PDB!

Each version has roughly the same content, including the core rules. If you already have Estia the Isle of Giants you can donate directly to the RedCross through DriveThruRPG.

Announcing the Estia Card Deck and a New Cheaper Print Format!

Hello Pulp! Fantasy Fans!

I’m so excited that I get to announce two awesome new ways to enjoy Estia the Isle of Giants today.

First the Print Version of Estia the Isle of Giants has been updated and is now available from Magcloud for the low cost of $7.00. This new version is the same size and layout but the paper, cover and shipping is much more comparable to a mass market magazine. I’m leaving the Lulu version up for now in case anyone wants the heavier paper.

ALSO, the Estia Card Deck is now available from DriveThruCards!

The Estia Card Deck contains 50 beautiful black & white cards featuring the gloriously condensed Pulp! mechanics. This deck has every PC, NPC, Hazard and treasure contained with Estia the Isle of Giants plus more. Each card has it’s own art and  their rules (or suggestions for cards like locations).

With the deck in hand, and an understanding of the core rules, Estia becomes the quintessential portable RPG. Just grab the deck, deal out some characters and keep the rest for your greedy GM self. You can flip through the deck and pick out exactly which elements you want to use. If you’re mad as a hatter like me, you’d rather just shuffle the deck and see what comes out on top!

The cards are dry eraseable, so grab the proper markers and you can write directly on the cards, elimanting even the need for scrap paper.

You get:

  • 1 Credits Card
  • 1 Rules Card
  • 6 Player Characters
  • 23 Creature Cards
  • 3 Hazard Cards
  • 3 Asset Cards
  • 8 Location Cards
  • 3 Formatted Blanks for easily creating your own cards
  • 2 Full Blanks for the GM to track dulicate monsters and whatever may come up