Pulp! at PAXEast

I (Brian Liberge) will be at PAXEast from Thursday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd.

If you’ve got a ticket (it’s sold out) I will be running Pulp!, talking about Pulp!, and have a few copies of Pulp! for sale. You can find me at the Westin for Thursday night game night, and I’ll be with Games on Demand for each official day of the show.

If you like-a da panels, you can find me on the following:


Worldbuilding 101 

Tabletop Theater Friday 3/22 3:30-4:30

Our panel of experienced designers, editors, artists, and trained nerds talk about their experiences working on both personal and company-owned settings including the Midgard, Experiment073, and 3 Generations After the End. Topics include finding where to start, working with other creators, reinterpreting existing work, and knowing when to stop creating.


Brian Liberge [Game Designer, Freelance], Jim White [Editor/Writer/Designer, Freelance], Kaitlynn Peavler [Artist, Freelance], Casey Peavler, Art Vaccarino


Tabletop System Wars 

Tabletop Theater Saturday 3/23 4:330-5:30

You’re thinking about your next RPG. How will you decide which system is Fated to carry your next campaign idea into the Marvelous realm of Godlike gaming experiences? Will your Travellers be HEROs or ride Lady Blackbird to Apocalypse World? Will your Shadowrunners survive their Fiasco and become Role Masters, or will your Pathfinders scatter into a Diaspora among the Stars Without Number? Does your Dungeon need Dragons, Crawling Classics, or Worlds to explore? That’s where we come in. Our team of designers, editors, and nerds will brainstorm, suggest, and debate until you’ve got the system that fits for you. Bring your ideas, we’ll bring the nerd rage.


Brian Liberge [Game Designer, Freelance], Jim White [RPG Editor/Writer/Designer, Freelance], Casey Peavler, Tresi Arvizo, Bob Smith, Art Vaccarino


Fighting your Inner-Demons: Gamers Dealing with Depression

Merman Theater Sunday 3/24 10 AM – 11 AM

Fighting your Inner-Demons: Gamers Dealing with Depression

Depression and anxiety rears its ugly head in many a gamer’s life. Join us, a panel of game designers and freelancers well acquainted with the subject. We’ll trade life stories and share advice on how to take back control of your lives. You aren’t alone, you have a whole gaming tribe that wants you to get better.


Philippe-Antoine Menard [Game Designer and Blogger, Critical-Hits LLC] (AND ME. I’m not listed on the schedule for this panel but I WILL be there)

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